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The first thing that steam cleaning companies do is to evaluate the carpet. Some carpets are more delicate than others – think Berber and Oriental rugs for example – and require specialized treatment. The technician that comes to your home will evaluate the carpets, decide on a course of action and address any concerns that you may have. Take this initial meeting to discuss particular stains that you would like addressed as well as discussing the treatment plan that is recommended.

Once you have discussed the plan and agreed with the treatment, the technician will then begin the process of cleaning your carpets. Depending upon the size of the carpets and how many rooms you are having done, the process can take a few hours. However, once the cleaning is done, you should be simply amazed at how clean and soft your carpets are.

After the Cleaning

Once the cleaning is done, allow your floors to dry before fully using them again. In the meantime, between cleanings, ensure that you care for the carpet by vacuuming as often as you deem necessary. If you live in a home with pets and children you will vacuum much more than if it is a home with adults and no pets.

You can also take precautions and have your rugs scotch guarded after the cleaning. This will allow your rugs to stay cleaner because stains will not be able to stick as much. Care for your rugs properly between cleanings and you will see a noticeable difference. Professional cleanings should be done at least once a year for the best results.

Benefits of Having Clean Carpets

You spend a lot of money on selecting the perfect carpet for your home, but if you do not care for it properly you could be wasting your money. Every year people throw out carpeting long before its expectancy because they never had it professionally cleaned. Before you make this crucial mistake and end up spending more money than you expected, learn the various reasons why you should have your carpet cleaned and how they can be beneficial.

Having your carpet professionally cleaned not only benefits your wallet, but also it benefits your family’s health. Many of us believe that by simply vacuuming several times a week we are cleaning the carpet, but in fact, all you are really doing is removing some of the surface dirt. While this does help if you have a good vacuum, even the best vacuums available cannot get out contaminants that may be lurking well beneath the surface.

By having your carpets professionally cleaned you are providing a truly clean environment for the entire family. Recent findings have shown that the best method for cleaning your carpet is to have it steam cleaned. Steam cleaning can remove nearly one hundred percent of the bacteria, dust mites, dander and other allergens from your carpeting. The best part of all is that even if you have small children or pets in the home, having the carpet steam cleaned will not harm them. Since there are virtually no chemicals involved it is safe for your family, pets and the environment.

Unfortunately most people do not think about having their carpets cleaned until a stain develops, but what you have to understand is that your carpet is subject to daily wear and tear. It is constantly retaining particles from use and the air in your home. These particles continue to fall and over time gather well below the surface, and are virtually undetectable. If you do not have your carpet professionally cleaned, they just keep adding up. If you have pets you have the addition of dander. There are contaminants such as dust mites, salmonella, e-coli and allergens that can also develop and go unnoticed until someone suffers from a bought of bronchitis or allergies. Having your carpet professionally cleaned is not only about increasing the life of your carpet but also about maintaining a healthy home.

Having your carpeting cleaning regularly will help to maintain that clean freshness you and your family deserve. By hiring a professional carpet cleaning company you can expect that your carpet will not only look and feel good, but also that you and your family will benefit from a clean surface. Of course you can try to clean the carpet yourself. There are several retailers that offer rentals of the equipment or you can purchase a model designed for home use. But if you want to be guaranteed that the job is done right, your first choice should be to hire a professional carpet cleaning company. A carpet cleaning company has years of
experience in the removal of stains and contaminants understands the importance of a clean carpet.

Why You Should Care for Your Carpets

We all want our home to be a place of comfort as it is where we come to rest at the end of a long day. Even in the cleanest of homes a carpet can have harmful bacteria and allergens trapped well beneath the surface. Over time these contaminants can surface and cause your family to suffer from chronic colds and allergies needlessly. Whether you vacuum once or several times a week these developing bacteria and allergens will still remain. Having your carpet professionally steam cleaned regularly will ensure that your family is safe from these potentially harmful contaminants.

Selecting the perfect carpet for your home can be very expensive and don’t you want your carpet to look and feel as good as it can. By having your carpet steam cleaned annually you will ensure that the life expectancy of the carpet will hold up as well as the feel of the carpet. When you have your carpet professionally steam cleaned you are removing not only the surface dirt but you are also getting well below the surface removing the dirt, dust, allergens and bacteria before they ever reach the surface. Your carpet will spring back to life and feel as good as it looks.

While there are several ways to have your carpet cleaned, such as renting the equipment and doing it yourself, shampooing or steam cleaning, the only method that guarantees a near one hundred percent removal of bacteria and allergens is to have it steam cleaned which uses the process of hot water extraction. 

Of course, you can do the job yourself by either renting or purchasing from your local retailer. But if you want the job done right it is always best to hire a professional. There are many things to consider if going it alone such as understanding the different fabrics and fibers that make up your carpet and upholstery. It is also crucial to know how to clean the carpet prior to the steam cleaning and how to control the amount of water placed on the carpet. Too much can lead to bigger problems such as mold or mildew.
Having your carpet steam cleaned just once a year can add years to the life of your carpeting. This will save you from having to replace it earlier than necessary simply because the carpeting has lost its luster or is stained beyond repair. Carpeting is a big investment and one that you do not want to make sooner than you had expected.

When you hire a professional, the steam cleaning company will send someone to your home to provide you with an estimate prior to any work being done. They will also offer tips to maintaining your carpet in between cleanings so that your carpeting is not exposed to damage in between. Having a professional do the job ensures you that your carpet will not be harmed and that once completed your
carpeting will feel and look better than it has for years. With such an important area that is used frequently by your family you owe it to yourself to hire a professional steam cleaning company.

An Overview of the Steam Cleaning Process
With the necessity of having to keep carpets and furniture longer during these tough economic times, more people are benefiting from the steam cleaning process. It is not only a way to save money, but it is a process that really works to save your furnishings and your carpet. The reason why most people toss their carpets is because they start looking run down and flat, when they were once fluffy and soft to the touch. Steam cleaning can help bring that original feeling back, in just one visit.
The steam cleaning process is fairly simple, it only takes a few hours to complete, depending on how much surface area you have cleaned. Once the process is done, though, you will not have to have it done for at least six months, depending upon certain factors. Homes with children or small pets will require more steam cleaning than those occupied by just adults. These homes can get by with a steam cleaning just once a year.

When you first schedule your steam cleaning, you will be given a consultation over the phone. This consultation will address any problem areas that you have in your home that may need to be spot treated prior to the actual steam cleaning. In addition, the company representative will determine how much space you need cleaned and will tell you how to prepare for the visit from the technician. This may include moving furniture or fragile items out of the room to prevent damage.
Once the technician shows up at your home, they will do a walkthrough prior to beginning work. This gives you time to show them problematic stains that you have not been able to remove and to walk them through each room you wish to have cleaned. All problem areas will be pretreated prior to the steam cleaning process.

Once the steam cleaning begins, the technician will go over your carpets with the steam cleaner, creating a hot water vapor that is used to extract dust and soil from your carpets. If your home has pets, dander and excess fur will be picked up as well. You can opt to have no chemicals used during the process, with the exception of the spot treating. Most steam cleaning companies offer customers the choice of eco-friendly services, lessening the impact on the environment.
Once the steam cleaning process is over, your floors and upholstery - while still wet - will not be soaked. This is a common mistake that homeowners and renters make when they are cleaning their own carpets. Too much water is left behind on the carpets and before you know it, the carpets are being ripped up due to the
growth of mold and fungus.

With steam cleaning only being done once or twice a year, it saves the customer a lot of money. Having a new carpet installed can cost several hundreds of
dollars. Steam cleaning, on the other hand, cost only a fraction of the price. Now you can get new carpets without the hefty price tag.

Promote a Healthier Home with Steam Cleaning

Your home is important to you. It is where you spend most of your time entertaining with family and friends. Keeping your home clean, however, can prove to be challenging, especially if you and your spouse work full time.. Having a truly clean living space is the goal of most people who own a home. While vacuuming and scrubbing your floors will offer the appearance of a clean home the only way to really have that clean space is to steam clean.
Steam cleaning has become popular in recent times and for good reason: it provides a sanitized living space. With steam cleaning there are no harsh chemicals to worry about so your children and pets can be free to roam about the area right after it has been done. Because the steam cleaning process uses just water it is safe for your family as well as the environment.
There are several ways to have your home cleaned but the most effective way would be to hire a professional steam cleaning company to do the job. You can of course purchase a carpet shampooer or rent a steam cleaner. They will offer some assistance in the home, but they are not built as tough as the ones used by professionals.

The process should also be done by someone who is experienced. Things can go wrong such as placing too much water in one area. Water, if not removed quickly, can create issues later with mold or mildew. Knowing what attachments to use that work best on different surfaces is also beneficial to getting the job done right.
Since steam cleaning is the most effective way to remove nearly one hundred percent of the bacteria, dirt, dander and other allergens. You want a professional who knows how to prepare each surface for the steam cleaning process.
Steam cleaning is safe to use on nearly any surface including windows, upholstery, carpeting, all types of flooring, kitchen appliances, bathroom areas such as the tub, toilet and sink, outdoor furniture and patios, painted surfaces and even grills or barbeques. With this type of versatility it is no wonder that professional cleaning services are now using steam cleaners more than any other service they can provide.

Steam cleaning also only takes just one application to clearly remove and sanitize an area. This will make the process worth the expense. Steam lifts, removes and sanitizes every surface it comes in contact with. With these type results it is no wonder families across this land are asking for steam cleaning
over the usual shampooers and cleaners. There is no mess to clean up and no worry about chemicals being dangerous around your family and pets.
What you cannot see can hurt you and your family, but when your home is steam cleaned you will be guaranteed to be free from bacteria, allergens and dirt and debris. Steam cleaning leaves your home fresh and odor free. With so many benefits, it is no wonder more people are turning to steam cleaning for their homes.