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Carpet Cleaning: What you need to know

When it comes to cleaning your carpeting there are a few things to consider before trying tackling this job on your own. Carpeting cleaning is the same as anything else of a technical nature, it requires knowledge. It is an acquired skill and should be left to a professional that is trained in this area. While you certainly can rent or purchase your own equipment, the equipment you would use is very different in quality to what a professional cleaning service is able to offer.

A professional cleaning service specializes in cleaning home furnishing such as carpeting, flooring and upholstery. These professionals deal with issues every day. They are trained in areas of pre-treatment and various common stains. They will provide the best method for removal that benefits each situation.

With a professional cleaning service, the burden of cleaning the carpets correctly is off you. They will schedule an appointment just to assess and review with you the process that will take place, what to expect and you will receive an estimate of the fees. Since you have hired a professional cleaning service, there is no work on your part. They will come to your home and remove all of the furniture from the area and then return it once completed. They bring all the supplies and equipment and clean everything before departing. In a few short hours, you can go from drab to fabulous in your living space. Most professional cleaning services also offer a treatment after the cleaning is done to add an extra layer of protection to the carpeting. This will keep your carpet lasting longer in between cleanings.

By having your carpet professionally cleaned you will also be getting the most technologically advanced equipment. These machines are well advanced beyond the ones you can purchase. They are able to get deep down below the surface of your carpet and remove nearly all the harmful allergens such as dust mites and animal dander, as well as most bacteria including e-coli and salmonella. This is important when it comes to keeping your home a safe environment for your family. Not only is the carpet truly cleaned but the odors that were present will be gone as well. You will find that your carpet now caresses your feet rather than feeling flat or even sticky.

If you have decided to have your carpet professionally cleaned you are moving in the right direction. Before hiring a cleaning service, be sure to check their background. Family and friends, or co-workers usually will not recommend someone who has done a less than acceptable job. With the internet at your fingertips it is easier than ever to check someone’s references. In almost every town or city there are sites designed for the purpose of informing the consumer. Once you have decided on one company to do the job, get an estimate of the services required and an overview of how they plan to achieve the results expected. Then sit back and take comfort in knowing that your carpets will soon be restored and your home will once again be free from the germs residing in your carpets.

Rundown of the Cleaning Process

When you hire a professional steam cleaning company, you can rest assured that you are hiring a professional who not only knows how to ensure that your carpets do not get damaged, but they also know how to treat even the most stubborn of stains. Sure, you can find tips online, but unless you are equipped with commercial grade cleansers, you are not likely to see the results that you so desire. In addition, treating one stain is not like treating another, especially if there are two different types of materials on your carpet. These are the things that professional cleaners are able to distinguish and they can offer a solution for most common, stubborn stains.

The first thing that steam cleaning companies do is to evaluate the carpet. Some carpets are more delicate than others – think Berber and Oriental rugs for example – and require specialized treatment. The technician that comes to your home will evaluate the carpets, decide on a course of action and address any concerns that you may have. Take this initial meeting to discuss particular stains that you would like addressed as well as discussing the treatment plan that is recommended.

Once you have discussed the plan and agreed with the treatment, the technician will then begin the process of cleaning your carpets. Depending upon the size of the carpets and how many rooms you are having done, the process can take a few hours. However, once the cleaning is done, you should be simply amazed at how clean and soft your carpets are.