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A General Overview of Steam Cleaning

As we create new ways to stretch a dollar, the same concept can be applied to your furniture and carpeting. Like most people, you have spent a lot of money creating the perfect home atmosphere and would like to hang onto to it for as long as possible. Having your home furnishings last longer would remove the added expense of having to replace them.
Steam cleaning has grown in popularity in recent years for more than one reason. It provides a way to truly sanitize your home while also adding years to your furnishings.
The benefits of steam cleaning are well worth the expense, which when you break it down is more affordable than replacing carpet when it gets old and worn looking. Here are just a few reasons more people are giving the green light to having their homes professionally steam cleaned yearly.

* Steam cleaning is just that water heated up hot enough to produce steam. These steam vapors are powerful yet safe on most fabrics and fibers. Some fabrics may require a special treatment, but any professional steam cleaning company knows how to spot these special fabrics.

* It is not only eco-friendly but also family friendly. Since steam cleaning uses only tap water there are no harsh chemicals to worry about. There will be no odor left behind that could be harmful to children or pets. This is especially important because our children and pets tend to be closest to the floor and thus, more exposed.

* Steam cleaning removes nearly 100% of the bacteria that can be found in your home, such as E-Coli, Salmonella and Listeria.

* Allergens such as dust, animal dander and pollen are safely removed from your home. This allows your family to fully enjoy the comforts of their home without having any adverse reactions such as sneezing, dry throat or bronchial difficulties. This is especially important in a home where someone has asthma or is elderly.

* Steam cleaning has been proven to extend the life if done periodically. While a stain is visible, oils from the skin are not and if left to sit and collect, over time will cause your furniture to deteriorate before its life expectancy is up.

* Not only does steam cleaning extend the life of your furnishings, but it also helps to keep it looking as good as the day you purchased it. The pile on your carpet will remain soft, not go flat. The same goes for your furniture -- it feels as good as it looks.Although the penchant for doing it yourself is catching on rapidly, it is still best to hire a professional cleaning service for the job. They are trained and understand how to care for your furnishings. The over the counter steam cleaner will do more for your carpets than if they were not treated at all, but the results are far less noticeable than if you get them done professionally. Take care of your furnishings and your carpets and you will reap the rewards.